Personal Essay Writing

When writing a personal essay you are working with very few restrictions. It also becomes an easy process as you are required to draw from a personal incident/story and bring all your emotions and instances that occurred on paper. It could be healing to the reader or it could be humorous and enjoyable.

Pick one major episode to write about. If it is linked to something, be sure to include it in your personal essay. Include dialogues from the scenario you are describing. Even though describing a person's actions and expressions give more depth to the personal essay, you can tell more about someone's character by their words.

Most people assume that personal essays have to be expository, but professors believe this makes the personal essay worthless. Your personal essay should be written to trigger a certain emotion in the reader. This can be sad or happy, humorous or compassion- you get to decide as you are the one defining what your personal essay should provoke in the reader.

Never sugarcoat anything in your personal essay to look more dramatic as it shows through. If the ending is not happy, then let it be. The emotion you provoke does not need to be strong, so long as you are making the reader feel like he gained something from your personal essay.
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